Video Games

Analiza Davidson


Video games are not only fun entertainment, but they can also help people thrive and fulfill their purpose in life. The obvious reason why many people love to play video games is because it gives them ecstatic feelings. They’re reaching far deeper into their vision, which suspends their present reality, then they cross into the virtual world. Luckily, during that period of transition many people have gained emotional stability and stimulation. These types of ecstasy can bring them health benefits and often an exquisite formula to happiness. For instance, Jane McGonigal’s recovery from a brain concussion and its side effects was miraculous. She’s a game designer who almost ended her life due to excoriating headaches, but video games saved her life. As a result, she see’s video games as a great way to change the world for the better. Another influential person in the video game industry is Genova Chen. He is an award-winning game designer, who has devoted himself to innovation and broadening the emotional spectrum in the video game industry. His insight has given him great success in life. His proposal to use emotional analogies to convey passion, friendship, attachment, appreciation, character and charity into the game, which has changed people’s lives. Consequently, playing video games is an unexpected factor that can help people thrive and live their purpose.



One of those lives saved was that of game designer Jane McGonigal. Her life story is fascinating not only because of her miraculous recovery from brain trauma, but also because of her courage to beat the odds. Her passion for video games gave her the chance to overcome her own health issues. To fight her debilitating pain and depression, she created a game that allowed her to connect and interact with her community and love ones. It helped her work through her painful symptoms and recover.

Her success was evidence that playing video games can help people thrive physically and mentally. She now believes that playing video games can extend life expectancy on the planet. Her discovery that video games have a beneficial effect on the human body is a great contribution to our society. She compiled stunning data which shows that depression, anxiety and other illnesses can be cured by playing video games. Her report also proves that happiness is linked to a longer life. Therefore, playing video games is good for our health. It’s good for pain relief, and it makes people smarter. Her story has inspired me to create a video game that will captivate people’s hearts and minds; a virtual reality game that will motivate players to apply it in their real life. Like for instance, reaching out to the community to create livelihood resources, and enhance physical and emotional strength. Then, encourage them to take the initiative to protect the planet. Most importantly, I want to inspire people to think outside of the box. The more people begin to think outside of their comfort zone, the more creative they’ll become. Thus, Jane McGonigal is a living inspiration to others to create and play more video games. Her sophisticated formula to live a healthy, happy and long-lasting life is contagious and captivating. In fact, she has enlightened me to the far-reaching possibilities of video games with her courage and passion.


The award-winning game designer and game philanthropist Genova Chen, has created many video games in the industry. One of his creations that ultimately made him a fortune is the game called Journey. This game has fulfilled him, but it almost crushed him in the process. He’s one of those people who almost gave up his dreams, but just when he was ready to quit, he got a message from a fan. A young girl was inspired by his game Journey. Chen’s video game gave her hope and courage to keep going, despite the fact that her dad was dying. Even at her tender age, she was captivated by the emotional content of the game, which was Chen’s original intent.

The message inspired him to keep pursuing his dream. Although he had budget problems, he managed to conquer all the obstacle he faced. Chen met his objective, which was to build emotional connections with his consumers. He has also inspired me to create a video game that will boost people’s confidence, drive and physical as well as mental health. In addition, I envision a game that will inspire gamers to interact with other players in real life settings and on social media platforms. Genova Chen’s gaming perspective is one that needs to be embraced by the video game industry because it’s impact is surprisingly touching. I applaud his wisdom in taking the game industry in a completely new direction.


Finally, the video game industry can help the world thrive and at the same time fulfill people’s needs. Video games inspire people and makes them feel healthier and happier. Jane McGonigal’s journey to recovery was captivating. I hope she collaborates with other brilliant game designers in the future. Like for instance, Genova Chen who also sees video games as a great way to change the world for the better. To me it’s like they’re actually hacking the system. They’re trying to awaken social consciousness from within the virtual world through pleasure. Once the player hits a climatic stage, then the body reacts and produces melatonin. As a result, good hormones are released into the body. This is where I see Jane’s claim that playing video games can be linked to longer life. I also agree with Chen’s design because it captivates the player’s heart and mind, which helps them reach the climax stage. Therefore, it’s important to stay in the flow to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A happy and healthy mind can produce a masterful game design. I foresee more advanced and involved video game designs in the future, like perhaps a nonviolent version of the Hunger Games, or a real video game using the premises of the Survivor series from TV. This will enhance our IQ and emotional intelligence, which will lead us to a better, peaceful, happy and prosperous world. Overall, I see Human Kind version 2.0, where morals are valued, and violence is void