Personal Biography


                 Analiza is an idealist who believes Science and Technology are changing the world for the better. Analiza is a Filipino American who immigrated to the US twelve years ago. She has a two year degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and she also She received an AA degree in Broadcasting and Cinema from Chaffey College. She enjoys making film, video editing, web designs and photography; but, she wants more. Analiza’s perception of the world is larger than life.

This is why she chose this path to expand her knowledge about computer programming, game programming and game development. She believes that most people have the privilege of living in a time unparalleled in human history. She claims that sixty years ago, Science Fiction writers envisioned video communications via devices on our wrists. Now, we are far beyond that vision. A few years ago, most people had to search they’re house for the yellow pages, then sit down and spend ten minutes looking for a company to service their needs or find a store that carried the products they’re looking for. Now, it takes less than a minute to accomplish the same thing while driving. Analiza believes that the world has transformed into a richer and more flourishing community.

            Analiza wants to further scientific advances by designing a language that can read, translate and interpret human electrical impulses at the cellular level. A design that creates a link that will transmit and receive multi-communication signals between computers and the human nervous system. When the brain sends signals to the cells to perform certain tasks, is it a possibility that the messages get misinterpreted? Could this be the true cause of all illnesses? This system may even enable humans to alter or redirect thought processes. Analiza believes that this method may correct the genetic commands embedded in the nervous system. She visualizes this software will sharpen mental processes and reconstruct electrical charges in the nervous system. Also, she thinks it may interpret and possibly re-configure the behavior of the nucleus inside the cells. She envisions that the proton and electron that make up the nucleus are the receiver and her invention is a signal provider.
With all the advances of technology, Analiza foresees a future where humans will be able to communicate telepathically. She visualizes people in the future living in a better and brighter world. A world with greater wisdom, peace and unity. Her perception of the world is infinite like the universe. She agrees with Physicist Seth Lloyd who claims that the universe might be a giant computer (Tvchannel). Analiza has examined Elon Musk’s simulation theory along with other Quantum Physicists and Nuclear Scientists who observed proton and electron behavior (Cool Videos). Finally, she agrees with all of them that reality doesn’t exist when you’re not looking at it and only exists when it is measured (Australian National University). She thinks humanity might find ways to connect to the main server which is the universe. She’s hopeful that humans will finally use their superior instinct in the future.